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Best free industrial areas - Moscow region - Russian federation

Best free industrial areas Moscow region Russian federation - welcome to Russia - start your own business - open your business in an economic center of the attractive and promising country!

In an operating industrial park of Moscow region you can acquire ownership, buy plot of land from 1 to 300 hectares with new, modern communications and complete infrastructure.

Distance from Moscow by the federal road is only 29 km away.

As a resident of the industrial park, you can order the management company the design - construction of any productive turnkey facilities, taking into account all the technical needs of your company. All work will be carried out efficiently and on time, with obtaining necessary approvals and permissions.

In the industrial park there is an autonomous gas power plant with capacity of 100 MW. Also industrial park has a water supply and sewage systems. The territory of ​​the industrial park is guarded and video controlled 24 hour.

The advantages of "transparent" acquisition of land ownerships, the receipt of any technical terms in a strict timeline, high quality of individual construction, as well as the convenience and comfort of service package of the management company are combined in the industrial park.

25 operating productions of foreign and Russian companies resident are located on the territory of the industrial park. Cumulative investment of resident companies is currently ~ 1.2 billion euros.

The industrial park, which offers plots DEGA MARKET, is an example of the official presentation of investment opportunities of Moscow region.

Special rates are applicable to the areas of the industrial park! Electricity connection is carried out immediately! Perfect logistics - transport accessibility - do not miss your chance to successfully start private business in the heart of Russia - Moscow Region!

Following a formal request to the DEGA MARKET company with specifying the major needs of your company, the specialists of our company within 3 days prepare and send to your address the commercial offer. The representatives of DEGA MARKET company will make presentation in the industrial park at any convenient time for you.

Location the best industrial park of Moscow region on Google map

New photos of industrial park

Please, contact commercial director Valery Prokopovich,

Russian Federation, Moscow, DEGA MARKET



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Индустриальные парки 7 (495) 646 17 52

Индустриальные парки 7 (495) 646 17 52

Генеральный директор: Прокопович Валерий

Бесплатный многоканальный телефон: 8 (800) 555-35-29 (С 10 до 19 МСК) 

Телефон: +7 495 646 17 52 (с 10 до 19 МСК)

Электронный адрес: vp@russiaindustrialpark.ru

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Адрес: Москва, Можайское ш.2
Телефон: +7 495 646-17-52,
Генеральный директор: Прокопович Валерий
Электронный адрес: vp@russiaindustrialpark.ru