On industrial parks, modern industrial areas: Internet-portal No.1

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On industrial parks, modern industrial areas: Internet-portal No.1

On industrial parks, modern industrial areas: Internet-portal No.1 in the RF

Based on 10-years practical experience we offer to all industrial parks in the RF: franchise from famous developer DEGA GROUP, any consultations, concepts and business plans development, management company preparation or own management of the facility, turnkey construction,  industrial park development, promotion, qualitative advertisement, PR and residents attraction

The main thing that should be known about industrial parks of the RF

There are both state and private industrial parks in Russian Federation. Private industrial parks in the RF usually grant more conditions that are flexible for their residents, basically oriented to medium companies. State industrial parks in Russia are actually oriented to bigger foreign companies and corporations, e.g., to automotive groups.  

However, both in the first and the second variants, exceptions exist. By the way, there are much less private industrial parks as compared to state ones.

There are two conceptually different approaches to project allocation and realization, when constructing industrial parks: greenfield and brownfield.

In most industrial park projects, greenfield concept has undisputable advantages, as it usually has good infrastructure, new utilitysystems and possibility to enlarge the territory.

Industrial park with modern infrastructure and all communications is also an excellent solution, if there is a problem of production facilities relocation outside the city limits.

Therefore, industrial parks are industrial areas to allocate enterprises and production facilities, which have all communications – technical specifications (TS).  

The basic moments, which worse to pay attention, when allocating the industrial parks, are:

·         Land plot price in industrial park, which depends on its area and vicinity of sales market (e.g., in some regions of the RF, the today’s price seems just symbolic) 

·         legal, "transparent" acquisition of industrial purpose land plot

·         available modern communication on relevant levels,

·         max. level of service package, i.e. customer  service from management company,

·         mainsconnection. 

What does communication and infrastructure of modern industrial park include?

Infrastructure and communications of modern industrial park includes:

·         gas pipeline,

·         continuous supply systems,

·         heat supply systems,

·         treatment facilities,

·         sewage system,

·         informational support systems,

·         other utilities.

For new industrial areas, industrial parks, infrastructure availability is essential: traffic arteries, outcomes, approach ways, airports and railways.

Gas pipeline for industrial park

Gas supply to industrial park means availability of gas pipeline with relevant throughput capacity and gas-distributing plants (GDPs).

Power supply for industrial park

Usually, industrial park is supplied by power by means of external mains via sub-station but getting technical conditions in such a way comes expensive and costs 15 thousand rubles per 1 kW in Moscow region and this is the price without possible burdening and durable bureaucratic acrimony.

 Often, the issue for many industrial parks is the absence of electric power in required limits, not to mention due terms for provision and quality of provided electric power.

Thus, in most cases, the most reasonable way to get electric power for industrial park is autonomous thermal power plant (TPP), capable of simultaneous generation of power and heat. Such power stations are called co-generating. However, ideally, this costs a lot of money, despite power, generated and sold to residents, is and excellent way to budgetary recharge industrial park MC. In this case, power and heat tariffs can be contractual and very attractive for residents if benefits for MC are reserved. In such version of industrial park development, capitalization of the whole project increases significantly.

Capacity of autonomous co-generating HPP is defined by specialization of resident enterprises in industrial cluster. Construction practice and experience show that minimum 15-25 MW (15000-25000 kW) of electric power is needed for 100 ha of industrial park area, considering peak loads. Industrial affiliation of resident enterprises shall be considered in power supply issues. For example, in plastics production or in the case of data center, the requirements in capacity and power supply reliability can be significantly higher.

Considering the requirements of resident enterprises in industrial park, there shall be provided reserve power supply n the second type of energy carrier, liquid fuel. To store diesel oil in industrial parks, usually, underground or above-ground tank farms are constructed.

Heat energy for industrial park needs

Heat energy for industrial park needs is produced on TPP, if available, or from own boiler plant. TPP obligatory concludes integrated standby boiler plant capable of maintaining heat economy of industrial park in specified conditions in extreme situations. Steam production is possible on TPP basis, as sometimes it is used in industrial parks for production needs.

Water supply system

Autonomous water supply system is constructed for normal operation of autonomous TPP and water supply of industrial cluster.

Waste disposal in industrial park: sewage systems

Disposal of waste formed in the territory of an industrial park is an important task for management company. Generated industrial waste are treated in own treatment facilities and sent to sewage system. There shall be provided a storm water drain, i.e. sewage system intended for quick removal of precipitation and melt water formed in the territory of industrial park.

Qualified staff – employees for industrial park

It is all about staff for residents of industrial parks. Therefore, surrounding social environment, i.e. the aggregate of conditions, providing normal people’s activities – qualified staff for new companies, is important for allocation of modern production facilities. Thus, it’s optimal, if an industrial park is located close to industrially developed city. Industrial park needs in low-qualified workers shall be also considered.

Industrial park management: which types of services shall be provided on modern industrial cluster?

List of services, rendered by management company in industrial parks – industrial areas of new formation, can differ but the following are basic:

Construction in industrial park for the needs of customer - resident

Ideally, the resident of industrial park shall take care of his own business only. Therefore, its actual and desirable, when full range of construction services of any facilities and complicated specialized production facilities is rendered in modern industrial park by own developer.  Such tasks are within the scope of abilities of Russian construction companies with wide operational experience and big number of realized projects, and the most important for foreign resident companies is timely acquisition of approvals and permits on all levels.

Construction in industrial park includes: pre-project preparation, project documentation, timely acquisition of approvals and permits on all levels and construction itself.  Intrinsically, this is a turnkey construction of a facility. Client-resident of industrial park receives full package of services from one company responsible for all issues. Therefore, it’s much easier to monitor quality of rendered services and conducted construction works by the company-resident of industrial park. Meantime, all risks connected to new facility startup are decreased by times.

Administrative management in industrial park - facility management – management company

Management company (referred as MC) performs administrative management(facility management), monitors condition of buildings, facilities, equipment, utilities in the territory within external enclosure of industrial park. Large industrial parks have own round-day security posts with CCTV.

Management company (MC) is responsible for maintenance of required informational and telecommunication infrastructure.

How management company of industrial park can make money?

Planning, management, valuables tracking – internal logistics of industrial park

Industrial park logistics includes maintenance of storage facilities of auxiliary materials and energy carriers. Goods receipt and finished products shipment requires specially equipped and controlled entries and exits of motor transport. Cars provide traffic inside an industrial park. Management company is responsible for roads condition.

*industrial cluster of industrial park are sometimes erroneously called as technopark.

Synonyms of Industrial park: industrial area, promzona, prompark and tecnopark means territorial associations of production enterprises with innovative component.


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